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3 reasons why you should start an importation business today

Few months ago, I published a post on Linkedin about getting the cheap importation secret step-by-step guide. In it, I revealed how you to can start importing brand new original BlackBerry, Laptops, Androids, jewelries, wears etc online at 7 times cheaper than their prices in Nigeria. Today, I’ll be showing you why you should start an importation business.

Let’s run through the main reasons why you should start an importing business right away. What you would read below was originally written by one of my mentor and friend in online business. You will get to know about him if you follow through the series on importation business.

The Reasons…
1. It’s easy to do.

Look around you. Almost everything you see, buy and use is now made in China. Your phone, your toothbrush, to the fancy gold band on your finger, perhaps even your toothpicks, they’re all made in China now. And contrary to popular opinion, not all Chinese products are fake. Chinese factories produce according to specification. That is, they produce exactly what you want them to produce.

You want something authentic and durable, they’ll make it. And if you want fake, they’ll make you fake.Unlike in the past, the importing business has become very very easy to get into. All you need is expert knowledge and an internet connection. Finish!

2. It’s cheap and extremely profitable

Most products you can import from overseas, China, USA, India etc can be sourced for very little amounts of money and sold at very high prices, many times at up to 3,000% profit! Most products can be sourced for as low as $.0.60 cents (=N=219). Some for $1 (=N=365). Some for $7 (=N=2555), or $10 (=N=3650).

Another example is the Sugar Balance Tea (Saccharine) someone got for $4 (=N=1460) per pack, and sold it here in Nigeria for =N=8,000 per pack.

Here’s yet another product that was imported. It’s the Rechargeable Portable Blenders. Each one was bought for $10 (=N=3650) and sold it for $45 (=N=15,750). That’s 250% gain on each!

3. You can start from as low as =N=20,000 to as high as you want!

Another reason why this business is so good is you don’t need a lot of money to start, In fact, you can actually get started with as little as =N=20,000 and make as much as 700% – 3000% profits or more.

By now, I guess you are wondering why you haven’t started this business. The reason is that there’s a lot you need to learn to succeed in this business. It’s not something you come into and go out of. You need to learn how it is done so you can get to succeed in this business.

The good news is that you can learn it. It’s easy once we point it out to you. That’s why I have bringing you this in conjunction with one of my friends. You see, because we are extremely busy people, we have decided to limit this training to only those who will subscribe to the training with their best email, read through the emails they get and also act on the emails appropriately.

Wouldn’t you too like to make big profits from importation business? If your answer is yes, simply go to the URL below so as to learn all what you need to do. Please note, you have to be really serious about this. The training information will be sent to you as soon as you join the whatsapp group on the URL below.

This is the URL –

Click on it, it will open in a new tab. Make sure you chat the admin privately to start getting the training delivered to you.

If you have any further question, please let me know as soon as possible.

Author: Taiwo Adefala

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