5 Steps To A Profitable Mini Importation Business In 2018

Mini importation business in Nigeria has grown to be profitable over the years and if you are on this post today, it is because you are looking to for a comprehensive and sincere guide on How to start and run a profitable Importation Business in Nigeria.

Mini importation business is also popular in other African countries like Ghana and Kenya, this shows how profitable and the huge acceptance it has received thus far.

Mini importation biz is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria today, but a lot of people are yet to avail themselves to the possibilities that is involved in this online business.

Before we continue, i have done a complete compilation of the best MINI IMPORTATION GUIDE PDF, you can get your copy below and save the stress of reading this article.

I first came across the mini importation business from a friend, I saw him with some new goods and he was going to sell them to someone. They were mostly health products though but he told me that they were imported from China to Nigeria.

He had imported them for very cheap and he was making a profit of over 80% on each units, I was hooked and I wanted to learn more about this mini importation business.

That was the beginning of something really great, there was no looking back anymore for me as I engaged fully in mini importation business from China to Nigeria.

The importation business is so cool that with less than twenty thousand naira (#20000), you can start a mini importation business and earn a handsome profit. The return on investments is mostly massive and it is so fun to engage in it.

This guide will shed light on the basic procedure and requirements you need to meet to begin you own cheap mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana and even Kenya.

What does Mini Importation Business Means?

Importing is basically, bringing goods from other countries into your own country of residence. It could be cars, clothes etc.

Mini importation business is therefore, the bringing in of goods from other countries like China, USA, and UK etc. in smaller quantities or units to be sold by an individual to make profits and gains.

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