Importing Goods From China with the New Group Buying platform for Nigerians

Importation business has become the new Gold Rush and everybody is running in its direction. Buying goods from China and sell them for high profit margins. Everybody is doing it now these days…That is why you see so many products out there…too much competition…. Different brands everytime.

Just Imagine….

An easy way to get your goods from China has emerged without having full understanding of how to import goods from china using group buying. The idea of group buying is to help negotiate with the suppliers to get cheaper deals because there is large quantity…. The price per unit is reduced.

Profits are better than wages because wages makes you a living and profits make you a fortune…

So it’s really easy to get started, simply by just visiting and register your account like you would do on any site.

User/Customer responsibility

  • Sign up with your name, email, phone, struggles and password.
  • Add products on the platform to your buying list by selecting the product and adding the quantity you want in the pop up
  • If the product you are interested in buying from china is not listed on the platform, Add a custom product with the pop-up. Add the name, product page URL, Unit price and proposed quantity.
  • Either you add a custom product or you picked a product on the platform, you will receive quotes with respect to the quantity you are purchasing of any product.
  • You will approve the products you want to buy on your buying list by approving each product and the prices… This action gives us your consent to source for your products.
  • Place order for your goods by selecting the batch order, choose a suitable payment type, select your payment method and pay for your goods.
  • After payment confirmed, you get the order date and estimated arrival date of your goods in Lagos.
  • Track the progress of your order on your My Orders page.

When you have successfully paid for your goods…. You will receive training on how to sell your imported goods using both online and offline method. But mainy using Facebook Ads to sell more often your products.

The training will be delivered in video format and instructions on e-book on how to make the best use of the training.

This new group buying platform has the potential to skyrocket importation business by giving access to those who don’t know how or are too scared of the risk involved with fake products.

Post Credit: Taiwo Adefala