Niche Importation Business


Most people know by now that I’m a programmer/tech guy.

I just don’t do physical products.

I’ve even tried before because so many people I know said, “Taiwo, you can make a ton of cash!

I didn’t believe it would work. I didn’t believe I would make a killing with eCommerce—and I was right!

At first, I was making sales and the money started rolling in. But it wasn’t long before I started LOSE money. With things like keeping inventory and problems with Product listings on third party websites, I walked away from eCommerce and never looked back…

…until I met a sweet young lady, Favor.

Favor was already passionate about eCommerce when I met her. In Sapele, she had helped people buy goods from China from right here in Nigeria. When she moved to the city of Lagos, she turned to Jumia. But she quickly found out there was too much profit loss associated with that.

So, she decided to open her own eCommerce store. She was putting in really long hours and the results were almost nil. I supported her 100%, but I also wanted to say, “I told you so.”

At this point I turned to a friend of mine, James. I knew James had an incredible eCommerce business model. He was making 6 figures every month and he kept no inventory.

I introduced Favor to Adrian and he trained her to use his eCommerce model. That training took less than two hours, and just days later, she made $500 in sales. She was elated and I was relievedand also a bit surprised.

From there Andrea was able to scale her business quickly. She is now making $60,000 to $80,000 per month and is about to launch multiple stores.

This eCommerce business model is the real deal folks! I have seen it work with my very own eyes.