Fix your focus… Success is predictable, So is failure.


Success is predictable and so is failure.

A wise man once said ‘you can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different result…’

You already know you are not making enough money with what you’re currently doing but you are saying “wee die here

My brother, It’s time to switch gear!

January 2020 is running out already and you’re still getting ready to get ready…,

My sister, start now!

You can predict how this year will end.. .,

Truth is, nothing will change except you change things,

You already know you need an extra source of income..,

So what exactly is stopping you from trying something new?

MONEY, right?

Here the truth about money..,

Money is always expensive in the future..,

The training, course or coaching you would have paid N30k for today, will eventually be 65k when you’re fully ready,

The funny part is,

That money you would have invested today to make the best out of this year will soo”n be spent on liabilities whether you like or not..,

Need an extra source of income that wouldn’t jeopardize your full-time job or business?

Here is my recommendation…,

Start a mini e-commerce business is your best option!

Want to know how to get started and get results fast?

Sign up for the Importbiz Ecommerce Masterclass with Taiwo Adefala today!

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