Chinese Holiday Filled a Train Station To the Brim | Experts secrets to a profitable importation business

Importating goods from china took a break and see what happens to their Train station… This is just North Guangzhou Train station. Make sure you have registered on Importbiz 2.0 and start your product research before they come back from holiday. They come back from holiday on the 10th of February, 2019…save the date and […]

The Economic Impact of Friendships

Most of us have friends but most of us are not maximizing the potential of our friendships. What does it mean to have a friend? Why do people need friends? Who is a friend? These are simple questions that we all know the answers to, but what exactly is the economic impact of friendships? The […]

How these 5 Hot products when imported will sell like pure water under HOT SUN

Hello, today I won’t say much sorry than to share with you 5 products that you can import to sell In Nigeria for maximum profit. 1. Portable GPS Tracker Landing cost: N6,500 Market value in Nigeria: N15,000+ 2. Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Strap Landing cost: N6000 Market value in Nigeria: N12000+ 3. Heart rate Monitor/Fitness […]